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The Arizona Biological and Biomedical Sciences (ABBS) Program is an umbrella program in the University of Arizona Graduate College that serves eleven graduate degree-granting programs.  The ABBS program transcends departmental boundaries and provides an open environment for students to explore graduate program options and diverse research areas outside the constraints of the traditional department, giving the student full range and flexibility of choice in establishing the foundation for a successful career in the life sciences. The ABBS integrates renowned faculty from the Colleges of Medicine, Sciences, and Agriculture and Life Sciences, outstanding instructional programs, and individualized laboratory training in the first year of graduate study, after which the student selects a program and a laboratory to conduct the remainder of their graduate work.  There are more than 200 participating ABBS faculty members working in diverse areas of biological and biomedical sciences whose research interest areas include biochemistry, cancer biology, cardiovascular and pulmonary biology, cell biology, computational biology, developmental biology, drug development, animal physiology, environmental sciences, genomics and genetics, immunobiology, molecular biology, neurobiology, pharmacy, pharmacology, physiology, plant biology, population sciences, proteomics, systems biology, toxicology—to name some of the general areas of study. 

The ABBS program will expose you to our outstanding research programs, brilliant and dedicated faculty, cutting-edge technology, and it will guide you in your first step on a career path in the life sciences.

We hope these pages will answer your questions and look forward to reviewing your application!


Catharine Smith, Ph.D., Mike Kuhns, Ph.D. and John Streicher, Ph.D.
ABBS Director and Co-Directors

Our campus is taking the COVID-19 pandemic seriously. You can find response and mitigation information here: https://covid.arizona.edu/. Please be aware that all our admitted students are hired and funded as a Graduate Assistants and are thus required to comply with the employee vaccine requirement or provide documentation of a religious or disability/medical accommodation. You can read more about the requirement here: https://hr.arizona.edu/content/employee-covid-19-vaccine-requirement.

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