Program Snapshots

Arizona Biological and Biomedical Sciences is made up of the following programs: Animal & Comparative Biomedical Sciences, Biochemistry and Molecular & Cellular Biology, Cancer Biology Graduate Interdisciplinary Program, Drug Discovery and Development, Genetics Graduate Interdisciplinary Program,  Medical Pharmacology, Molecular Medicine, Pharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Physiological Sciences Graduate Interdisciplinary Program and Plant Sciences.

Any faculty associated with one or more of the ABBS programs is also considered an ABBS faculty member. You can learn more information about each program and find faculty lists by using the links below.

Three female students examining a sheep

Animal & Comparative Biomedical Sciences

Animal and comparative biomedical sciences covers everything from dairy management to animal physiology to the horse racing field, while microbiology students focus on such things as infectious diseases and host responses, food safety, and more.

Biochemistry and Molecular and Cellular Biology written with a close up of a student in lab in background

Biochemistry and Molecular & Cellular Biology

The BMCB graduate program is an interdepartmental and interdisciplinary graduate program that seeks to equip students with the breadth and depth of knowledge, and skills, needed to build a successful career in the life sciences.

Macro Cell Image with Cancer Biology Graduate Interdisciplinary Program written over it

Cancer Biology GIDP

Our goal is to develop the next generation of scientists with the skills to be competitive in both industry and academia through mentorship with outstanding faculty and a flexible curriculum that empowers our trainees to conduct innovative and impactful translational cancer research.

Drug Discovery and Development with Block A Pharmacy logo written over a picture of students in the lab

Drug Discovery and Development

Drug discovery and development employs a variety of techniques and tools with the ultimate goal of eradicating disease with new therapeutic agents. Central to small molecule, drug discovery is the discipline of medicinal chemistry, which combined with bioassay design, using biochemistry and molecular biology, and structural and chemical biology, provides a multidisciplinary framework for attacking disease..

Genetics Graduate Interdisciplinary Program written over a microscope image of cells

Genetics GIDP

The study of genes, their functions, their interactions, and their inheritance will prepare you for a wide variety of possible careers. Your training at the University of Arizona will prepare you for life-long learning and high impact research in all of the biological and biomedical fields because the concepts of genetics inform all other areas of research.

Medical Pharmacology written over a women in lab

Medical Pharmacology

Our mission is to provide quality preclinical and clinical education in pharmacology and therapeutics for medical students, to educate and train graduate and postdoctoral biomedical scientists, to carry out basic research of recognized excellence, and to participate in governance and leadership in the College of Medicine at The University of Arizona and in appropriate national scientific and professional societies.

Molecular Medicine written on image of student working in fume hood

Graduate Program in Molecular Medicine

Medicine (CMM) and Immunobiology (IMB) present the Graduate Program in Molecular Medicine, a jointly-administered PhD program whose aim is to foster the development of the next generation of scientists and educators.  This multidisciplinary training program bridges the gap between basic and translational sciences, and our students receive advanced training in three main areas: Cell Biology, Immunobiology, and Medical Biophysics.

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Pharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics and block A Pharmacy logo over person holding medicine

Pharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics

Pharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics research is focused on the design, development, and optimization of pharmaceutical dosage forms and advanced drug delivery systems for translational medicine. Multidisciplinary research includes targeted drug delivery, nanomedicine, and nano-enabled immunoengineering, physical pharmacy, pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics, FDA/USP performance testing for formulation optimization, and translational medicine.

Pharmacology and Toxicology and Block A Pharmacy Logo written over student working with compressed gas

Pharmacology and Toxicology

Pharmacology and Toxicology are allied scientific disciplines concerned with investigations of physiological and biochemical actions of endogenous compounds and xenobiotics on living tissues. These studies range in scope from investigations at the molecular level to clinical pharmacological and toxicological responses in humans.

Physiological Sciences Graduate Interdisciplinary Program written over a microscope image

Physiological Sciences GIDP

Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs span the breadth of the University of Arizona research, and our Program includes over 65 faculty members from at least 15 departments, across 6 Colleges at the University of Arizona. This allows graduate students in our Master’s and PhD programs to work side-by-side with the faculty investigators, addressing a broad spectrum of disease processes in areas such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, neuroscience, cancer, asthma, and more.

Plant Sciences written over close up image of orange lichen

Plant Sciences

The School of Plant Sciences has a long-standing tradition of excellence in plant science research. The large faculty has diverse research interests ranging from horticulture to genomics and microbiology to evolution. As part of the BIO5 Institute, our faculty are closely associated with colleagues in the Colleges of Engineering, Pharmacy, and Medicine.